Wetting the wholesale brazilian hair with water

Co-washing is basically a 4 step process where you begin by:Wetting the wholesale brazilian hair with water and then generously apply a moisturizing conditioner from weft to tip.Next, use a wide tooth comb to comb through the hair, and let the conditioned hair rest for roughly 5 minutes.Right after your weave is rehydrated, rinse out all the conditioner thoroughly from the weave.Finally, pat the Brazilian body wave hair dry with a soft towel to remove excess water from the hair, and let it air dry. Be sure not to rub the hair together when removing the excess water as this might result in unmanageable frizz and tangles.

When installing your Cambodian hair bulk, it is highly important that you not sow through the weft, but rather around it. This helps increase the lifespan of your weft. Additionally, avoid cutting the wefts in order to use them again. This however is a personal preference and if you do decide to cut them, make sure you seal the wefts before installation.Wefts are the basis of amazing hair weaves, and sealing them is perhaps the best way to prevent them from shedding. You may need to have your hair professionally re-wefted if your peruvian curly hair has been installed for a while. Your Brazilian body wave hair is inclined to shedding right immediately after it's installed and this is the case for any wefted hair.