This type of Indian Lace frontal is preserved intact

Since the cuticle of this type of Indian Lace frontal is preserved intact and is unidirectional, using these Remi hair extensions minimizes the amount of tangling, abrading, and frizzing a woman might encounter with them.As aforementioned, the second type of Brazilian Remy is the standard form. This particular type is different from virgin Brazilian hair because in the fact they in many cases are color treated and processed to form curly Remy hair extensions.

In addition, they are sometimes dyed to match the wholesale silk closure colors of Caucasian or European women. In its natural form, standard hair extensions are available in colors of dark brown and black. These extensions are capable of being dyed, curled, blow dried, or flat ironed. Regardless of which form of Brazilian hair extensions a woman chooses, she is guaranteed to add instant length, body, bounce, volume, luster, and beauty to her hair.Indian Hair Natural Wave are not just for celebrities anymore. Even average consumers can catch up with the latest trends on hair styling through affordable hair extensions.